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About Us
Situated in Manchester, our clinic specialises in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. We aren’t, however, exclusive to sporting injuries; we treat any sort of injury that our methods may alleviate. Having worked with an array of clients, all with varying degrees of ability, we’ve learned the best ways of delivering to you a unique, personalised approach that feels adaptive to your situation, whatever it may be.

We practise a wide range of professional-standard therapies and treatments which we’ll apply once our specialist diagnosis has helped us deduce the most effective methods of assisting you. Our aim is to elevate you back to your old (or new & improved) self - restoring your health, strength and vigour.


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As well as guiding your recovery and rehabilitating you, we can also help prevent you from having any future injuries. This includes: ​

Teaching you some of the most effective warm-up techniques that will help ease your body into physical activity at a steady, healthy pace. A seriously underappreciated, yet basic method of physical preparation. Effective warms-ups will eliminate the jarring and physically weakening transitions from slow, relaxed movement into fast-paced, energetic movement.


We’ll assess your physicality and identify any areas of your body that are likely to be strained or negatively impacted through sports or strenuous activity. For any issues raised, we’ll take the appropriate steps in strengthening and preparing you so that strains and sprains can’t be as easily inflicted. 

Together, we’ll review the healthiest diets that will optimize your physical activity and grant significant boosts to your energy. We’ll help you plan a protein-rich, vigorous diet that will work hand-in-hand with your exercise to prevent physical activity from rapidly draining your energy and having straining effects on your body.

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    We don't just help people who have sports injuries.

    If you’ve had an accident that is entirely unrelated to sports and athletics, our methods may still apply to you. All sorts of strains and sprains can be eased and remedied with our range of massages and treatments - no matter what the cause.


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