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Foam Roller for Muscle Massage with Exercise Book and A3 Poster


  • ?????? ?????????? ?????? ?????? – This foam roller has been redeveloped by ResultSport to enhance user experience; featuring washable High-Density EVA foam with a firmer (45 degrees hardness) and more durable sharper edge. The bumpy surface loosens up hamstrings for runners and other athletic activities; popular choice for those training for crossfit or practicing pilates.
  • GET READY TO RELIEVE THOSE MUSCLE ACHES – Living pain free, foam rollers are an effective way to eliminate knots and warm up for your fitness routine; hollow corn and lightweight; compact size 34x15x15cm; bring this with you to the office or gym.
  •  SEE RESULT FROM THE BEGINNING – For an overall healthier lifestyle; correct posture and enhance blood circulation and more energy; locate essential trigger points for stress relief; improve sleeping habits. Deep massage upper and lower back, neck, legs, IT-band, quads, hamstrings, shoulders before and after workouts.
  • FREE COLOUR PRINTED INSTRUCTION GUIDES – We know it sounds a little complex at the beginning, therefore you will also get an A3 wall poster and a colour printed booklet with 34 different exercisers to get you started.
  • YOU AND YOUR BODY DESERVE THE BEST – We value your business and satisfaction by bring you the best product and service. We are confident our foam roller will meet your needs and expectation; we provide “Lifetime Warranty” and “60 Days Money back guarantee” to you


  • Easily add to your daily set – All it takes is a few minutes each day to rub out any knots and aches you may have in your hamstrings, calves, neck, shoulders, or back. An excellent choice for those post workout pains we are too familiar with.
  • Your body deserve the best treatment – Don’t live another day feeling any short of incredible. Instantly reduce discomfort from previous injuries and overworked muscles with a single roll.
  • Endless health benefits for you – Poor blood circulation and posture is caused by inactivity and years of slouching. Eliminate these health concerns by making a habit of self-massaging your muscles.


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