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Posture Corrective Therapy

Posture Corrective Therapy

For people suffering pains throughout their upper and lower back, posture corrective therapy will likely prove the solution to your troubles. Poor posture breeds an array of problems, both physical and mental – but if you’re experiencing cramps, aches, strains and other pains within your neck, back and the areas around, it’s likely that weak posture is the root cause of your problems. We’ll perform a thorough assessment of your situation and a series of different massages to restore and improve your posture.

In the modern world, the vast majority of peoples’ working lives are spent either sitting at a desk from 9am-5pm, 5 days a week – or, they’re spent slugging around a warehouse, loading and unloading deliveries for even longer hours than the standard office job. Back pains emerge equally from both these situations, making for a vastly increased likelihood of postural difficulties in each and every one of us. The point being, a session of postural therapy or at the very least an assessment of your postural habits can go a long way to diagnosing and/or preventing any future back problems.

Despite the physical benefits, postural corrective therapy will perform wonders for your mental wellbeing, more than you would likely expect. With a number of studies suggesting a strong correlation between confident, forthcoming people harnessing a sturdy, healthier posture, it’s relatively well-known that the stronger your posture, the stronger your mentality. Essentially, your posture is an initial projection of yourself, it sets a subconscious first impression, meaning that a more authoritative, firm stance will help to convey a sense of confidence and conviction. On the contrary, poor posture with rounded shoulders and an overall slouched stance will convey that you’re low-energy, insecure and anything but confident. Slouching also affects your breathing efficiency and can lead to an actual energy deficiency. So with poor posture contributing to a negative self-image, it ushers in anxiety and other, more severe mental issues – hence the importance of postural corrective therapy.

The methods of postural correction that we offer range from simple discussions about where it is you’re going wrong with your posture and some of the beneficial, minor postural habits that you should be practicing. We give tension-releasing massages and demonstrate exercises which ease any rigidity and muscle pain caused by erroneous, much-to-be-improved stances. As stated, before we begin to release any built-up tension or ease any of your pained areas, we’ll carry out a thorough assessment of your posture. We’ll identify any negative habits that are taking a toll on your physical wellbeing, the most common being rounded shoulders, a slouched stance, misalignment of the head, neck and shoulders, poor exercise routine and too much time spent sitting down. Once we’ve advised you on these issues and recommended your next steps, we’ll perform various massages that will help to remedy the aches and pains you’re experiencing. Deep tissue massages, a sports massage and a Swedish massage are some of the more effective methods of postural correction, but we’ll use whichever methods that are most suited to you and your situation.

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