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Reflexology / Zone Therapy

Reflexology / Zone Therapy

With similarities to acupressure, reflexology is a form of non-invasive massage which involves applying varying amounts of pressure exclusively to the hands, feet and ears. The ultimate aim of reflexology is similar to most other massages – to generate a strong sense of mental and physical relaxation within the recipient, with various knock-on effects ranging from a reduction in stress and anxiety, an all-around lifted mood and the easing of aches and pains to the more indirect effects of improved digestion, boosted fertility, corrected hormonal imbalances and cleared up sinuses.

The idea of applying different amounts of pressure to various parts of the hands, feet and ears is based on a theory that suggests your feet, lower legs, hands, face and ears are all connected to individual organs, suggesting that a massage to your upper foot will have a positive effect on your chest and shoulders. Sections of the hands, feet and ears are linked up to their own specific parts of the body. For example, the heel of the foot is said to be connected to the knee, lower back, sciatic nerve and sacrum whilst your fingers are connected to the brain, eyes, ears and teeth.

With its roots in ancient Chinese medicine, the core concept of reflexology stems from the spiritual belief that a positive, vital energy known as qi (pronounced: “chee”) flows through each person. According to the belief, when a person is stressed or anxious, their qi is blocked and prevented from flowing through them – causing an imbalance which welcomes both physical and mental illness. The remedy to this blockage of qi is to apply pressure to certain parts of the body as a means to restore the balance caused by the lack of qi.

Our reflexology services are applicable to people of all ages, from newborn babies to elderly people receiving end-of-life care. Exceptions to people who may receive reflexology are those with foot injuries, open wounds, blood-clotting issues, fungal conditions and pregnant women. For anybody who has been diagnosed with cancer or currently has tumours, it is strongly advised to consult a doctor and find out whether reflexology is appropriate for them. Anyone who has a pacemaker fitted is either advised to do the same and make their reflexologist aware of their situation.

With our professional standards at NT Sports Therapy, we intend to exceed your expectations of reflexology. Not only will you receive a deeply therapeutic, restful massage – we’ll review your situation and get a strong grasp for whether we think reflexology will be beneficial to you. We’ll ensure that if there are any concerns or underlying issues which may cause adverse effects from the massage, we’ll inform you immediately and either advise you on the issue at hand or suggest that you consult your GP before resuming the process.

Note that the results of reflexology vary from case-to-case. There are many people who claim to have strongly benefited from the procedure whilst there are others who have claimed to remain unaffected.

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