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Rehabilitation and Exercise

Rehabilitation and Exercise

Whether you’ve sustained a painful or immobilising injury – either via sports or by other means, our rehabilitation techniques may be the most effective method of restoring your health and vigour. A constructive rehabilitation process lies heavily dependent on practical exercises, manual therapies and joint mobilisations, all of which we offer at a top-quality level, carried out by trained professionals. The rehabilitation services we offer have proved effective for both hobbyist athletes and professional athletes alike – but they’re not exclusively for sportsmen or sports-related injuries. Irrelevant to whether you’ve sustained a sporting injury, workplace injury or a natural/illness-related issue, providing our methods will prove advantageous for you, we’d be more than happy to help you and guide your road to recovery. 

The process of rehabilitation is often overlooked and underappreciated despite the necessity of it. No matter how well you recover from an injury or how well it’s been treated, the now-healed part of your body will still be less robust and more prone to damage than it was prior to the initial injury. However, with an effective and thorough rehabilitation process carried out by trained professionals – said part of the body can return to pre-injury levels of strength and resilience. 

There are four general phases of the rehabilitation process – rest and protection, recovery of motion, recovery of strength and recovery of function – all in that order. At NT Sports Therapy, we treat every stage of rehabilitation as though it is a fully-fledged service in itself. Once you undergo our rehabilitation process, you’ll be as capable as you were prior to your injury, and combined with our exercises, you’ll be even more capable than your former self.

  • The first stage is where we’ll assess your injury and the quality of its treatment. We’ll ensure that it has been rested enough and is in the appropriate condition to begin undergoing the core rehabilitation process.
  • The second stage is where we assess the mobility of the affected area. If we see a high or above-average degree of rigidity or immobilization, we’ll likely perform the appropriate massage and stretching exercises (which are generally more effective for mobility issues).
  • For the third stage, we’ll use a variety of exercises to build up strength and resilience. We’ll also discuss and help you plan an exercise routine as frequent training will be necessary to build strength over the long-term. Any massages or other therapies which we think will benefit you will also be carried out.
  • The final stage is where we review and assess the progress you’ve made. We’ll determine whether or not you’re safe to resume physical activity and whether or not there is still work to be done. 

If you want to begin or improve your exercise routine, we’ll be happy to discuss and map out an exercise for you. We can tailor towards your specific needs and focus on the areas which you want to develop the most. We can teach you some of the most effective workout techniques that are fit for professional athletes and embed them into your routine.

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Rehabilitation & Exercise

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