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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

A sports massage is an effective and natural method of strengthening your soft tissue so that when partaking in physical activities, whether it be field sports, swimming, climbing or any other physically tolling activity, you’ll be less likely to incur sprains, strains, pulled muscles and more severe injuries. Repetitive, strenuous physical activity wears down your soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) and leads to the body being far more prone to injury.

Despite what the name suggests, the various, wide-ranging aspects that contribute to a sports massage can be utilized to treat non-sports related issues. Providing the problem at-hand involves weakened soft tissue or a strain, sprain or pulled muscle – a sports massage will likely prove highly beneficial. Common ailments which a sports massage will ease are whiplash, back pain, postural pain and even headaches.

For people who work long hours under physically demanding manual labour, a sports massage would be well suited and would prove advantageous for both healing and strengthening the body. On the opposite side of the scale, a sports massage will prove equally as beneficial for people who sit motionless at a desk each day, five days a week. Back pain and postural problems are almost inevitable for office jobs and also happen to be two of the ailments which a sports massage eases most effectively.

Far from a modern practise, with an origin of over 3000 years ago, the standard procedure of a sports massage can be traced back to China, India, Greece and Rome and even then, was used to assist the performance of sportsmen and people who were subject to physically intense conditions. Galen – a renowned Roman physician encouraged gladiators to receive a massage (with similar principles to a sports massage) before and after every fight.

For professional athletes and those who want to boost their sporting performance, sports massages are perfectly suited to you, especially if you have a tournament or high-stakes match coming up. You’re going to want to capitalize on every single boost/advantage possible – cue a sports massage. Not only will your body be prepared to handle more pressure and have an easier time sustaining minor injuries, but your range of movement, flexibility and overall rigidity will be amplified and will all contribute to far better performance.

If you decide to have a sports massage here at NT Sports Therapy, be assured that you’ll receive a thorough, holistic massage that will provide substantial boosts to your physical performance – whether for sports or for work, you’ll be more efficient and more robust than ever before. Your circulation will be improved, blood pressure reduced, you’ll be de-stressed, energized and any sore or stiff muscles will be eased. Our professional standards will guarantee a top-quality massage that will grant all the benefits of a traditional sports massage, each to a greater degree.

If you have any queries or questions as to what our sports massages entail, feel free to book a consultation and we’ll assist you with whatever it is you need.

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