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Sports Therapy / Myofascial Release

Sports Therapy / Myofascial Release

Targeted towards both amateur and professional athletes and encompassing the various procedures of a sports massage – sports therapy involves both the treatment and prevention of sporting injuries. It entails physical practices such as massages that provide musculoskeletal benefits but also non-physical aspects such as education where the recipient will be taught safe and effective methods of training and injury prevention.

As part of our sports therapy services, our musculoskeletal exercises and massages will strengthen the parts of your body that are most vulnerable to sports-related injuries. If you have sustained an injury, whether through sports or via other means, our methods of rehabilitation will guide your recovery whilst our massages and exercises will help make your bones and joints more resilient and less injury-prone. Additionally, the expert advice that we offer will ensure that you keep yourself out of harm’s way without making sacrifices to your performance. We’ll advise you on 

If you’ve been undergoing our sports therapy services and feel you’ve reached the point where you can return to sports – before you make any hasty, regrettable decision, we’ll evaluate and assess your current situation to ensure that you’re fit enough to resume physical activity. If we have any hesitations, we’ll take the necessary steps to truly optimise your physicality and finalise your rehabilitation process within as short a time-span as possible. Continuing without our assessment will lead to an increased chance of sprains, strains, fractures and more – for your own wellbeing, consult us first.

Myofascial Release is a form of massage which proves useful for people suffering with painful, rigid muscles causing immobility and difficult movement. This style of massage involves the stimulation of the stretch reflex within your muscles and by the relaxing of any contracted or tense muscles. Myofascial refers to myofascia – the connective tissue in and around muscles that sometimes have ‘trigger points’ develop inside them. These ‘trigger points’ are sensitive and painful areas that are caused by a variety of factors including:

  1. Overuse of muscle
  2. Poor posture
  3. Nutrient deficiencies
  4. Lack of exercise
  5. Lack of movement
  6. Obesity
  7. Depression, anxiety and stress

Myofascial pain can strike at any time and isn’t exclusive to athletes or sportsmen. It is relatively common in people of all ages regardless of their hobbies or professions and can be persistent if not treated effectively.

Our methods of myofascial release and sports therapy are carried out by our team of experts and will ensure top-quality methods of both. We’ll use deep, effective myofascial release to ensure that any and all trigger points are dealt with conclusively. When dealt with via a massage, the masseuse will use an array of traditional massage techniques and stretching motions to loosen up and relax the area around your muscles. These massaging methods will be repeated until the masseuse feels that all tension and rigidity within and around the muscles has been dealt with effectively. Once your myofascial pain has been relieved, we can advise you on some of the more practical steps you can take to prevent the pain from re-emerging. 

Our posture corrective therapy will prove useful for keeping myofascial pain at bay since most cases are caused by poor posture and strenuous activity.

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